Competitive Advantage through Transformative Change.

Focusing on Dealerships

With $1 trillion in annual revenues, the new vehicle dealership sector is the largest retail sector in the United States. It has historically strong earnings, as well as resilient and diverse income streams that generate robust profits and cash flow through up and down markets.  

Auto manufacturers emphasize that dealerships are their primary retail channel and will continue to provide a competitive advantage in the accelerating shifts to online retail engagement and sales and to electric vehicles.  In addition, dealerships support millions of jobs and pay billions of dollars in state and local taxes. State laws generally protect dealerships’ franchises due to their pivotal role in local economies. Manufacturers’ depend on them as their predominant retail channel.  

Embracing Change

New vehicle dealerships are in the midst of transformative change:

  • Buyers engage dealers online 
  • New vehicles are increasingly complex
  • Dealerships must prepare for the shift to electric vehicles

These changes present dealerships with fundamental opportunities and challenges. 

AACAP provides exceptional leadership, deep resources, and long-term commitment to position our dealerships at the forefront of change. 

Investing in Communities 

AACAP aims to provide superior returns by optimizing the performance of our dealerships, training their employees and providing them with paths to career advancement, and supporting local communities.

Investing with AACAP

AACAP welcomes the opportunity to discuss our investment strategy.