AACAP Platform

AACAP uses Qualified Opportunity Funds (QOFs) to acquire and operate new vehicle dealerships located in Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs). Our portfolio includes dealership located outside of QOZs, as well.

AACAP is distinguished from other QOZ investment platforms by its focus on the new vehicle dealership sector, its ability to drive transformative changes through innovation, and its long-term commitment to the economic development of disadvantaged communities.

AACAP Investors

AACAP investors can expect:

  • Deferred and reduced taxes on eligible capital gains rolled over into AACAP investments
  • Tax-free capital gains on AACAP investments held for 10+ years

Investor’s long-term commitment not only brings substantial financial rewards. It also give them the opportunity to support economic development in disadvantaged communities.

AACAP Dealerships

AACAP takes a long-term approach to our dealerships. Unlike private equity funds, we provide the managerial, operational, and financial resources needed to spur dealerships’ performance and profitability and fuel local economic development.

Where the dealership is a family-owned, intergenerational asset, AACAP offers tailored solutions to meet the family’s needs. We also manage the leadership and staffing transition, as well as bolster the dealership’s legacy in the local community. 

AACAP Leadership

Our leadership team has decades of experience managing new vehicle dealerships, working in financial markets, and building investment platforms.

T. J. Anthony

Co-Founder &
Chief Executive Officer

Sergio Maruschak

Co-Founder &
Chief Financial Officer

Jonathan Lang

Chief Operating Officer

Richard Appleby

Managing Director,
Dealership Optimization

Robert Carmendy

Managing Director,
Dealership Operations