AACAP Platform

AACAP acquires, owns and operates new vehicle dealerships, focusing on dealerships with good cash flow and a strong market position but performance shortfalls.  We add value by making hands-on performance improvements and increasing earnings over the long term.

Our team has decades of experience as owners and general managers who have acquired and optimized many dealerships, including multi-state dealership portfolios. Our team also has decades of experience as corporate executives and has built a robust corporate operating platform to manage a diversified dealership portfolio with optimized governance, M&A, finance, risk management, and other key functions.

AACAP Investors

Investors can invest directly in AACAP and can expect us to:

  • Provide direct access to the dealership sector and superior returns.
  • Exercise our hands-on management and control to optimize dealership cash flow and grow earnings.
  • Take advantage of the highly scalable opportunities that our dealership optimization strategy will present over the long term.
  • Optimize our dealership portfolio over the long term and then through an M&A or capital markets event monetize the portfolio and provide them with substantial distributions.

AACAP Dealerships

As a dealership portfolio operating company, we work hard to optimize our dealerships and grow their earnings over the long term.  We closely align our efforts with the key performance indicators that matter to auto manufacturers and provide customers with an exceptionally satisfying experience through omnichannel engagement that is flexible, streamlined and personal.

AACAP can offer tailored solutions to dealership owners who are looking for a transition to a buyer who will own, operate and optimize the dealership over the long term, prioritize the training and career advancement of its employees, and bolster the dealership’s legacy in the local community.

AACAP Leadership

Our leadership team has decades of experience owning and optimizing new vehicle dealerships, assembling and managing dealership portfolios, and building and managing corporate operating platforms.

T. J. Anthony

Co-Founder &
Chief Executive Officer

Sergio Maruschak

Co-Founder &
Chief Financial Officer

Robert Carmendy

Co-Founder &
Chief Operating Officer