Empowering Dealerships

AACAP Dealerships

AACAP targets dealerships in the southern United States and California, with an emphasis on ones located in Qualified Opportunity Zones. We look for:

  • Strong cash flow
  • Solid business fundamentals
  • Deep roots in local community

We provide compelling solutions to dealerships challenged by succession planning, industry transformation, and capital constraints.  

AACAP’s Wide Ranging & Proven Track Record

AACAP’s team of deeply experienced dealer-operators and financial, data management, and investment professionals is exceptionally suited to positioning dealerships for long-term success.

Operations & Technology

  • Optimize leadership and train and incentivize team
  • Drive omnichannel sales
  • Evaluate and improve performance
  • Optimize systems for data management and analytics
  • Capture economies of scale

Acquisition & Financing

  • Raise equity capital
  • Satisfy compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Identify, acquire, and arrange debt financing for dealerships
  • Integrate financial management of funds, dealerships, and returns to investors

Community Development

  • Provide more skilled jobs
  • Create AACAP Academy for job training and career development
  • Support local business and civic activities
  • Focus on EVs to assure long-term viability of dealerships and their communities

AACAP Long-Term Advantages

Why should dealerships be talking to AACAP instead of the competition?

The Competition — private equity firms, publicly-listed companies — focuses on maximizing financial returns in the shortest amount of time. Dealerships’ employees and legacies are just costs to be stripped out.

AACAP is building a platform to make dealerships stronger, continuing owners’ legacies. We bring dealerships the leadership, guidance, and resources to achieve and maintain a winning position over the long term. We are committed to the economic development of local communities.

Find out more.

AACAP welcomes the opportunity to tell you more about us and to get to know you and your dealership.