Optimizing Dealerships

AACAP Dealerships

AACAP is focusing initially on dealerships in California, Nevada, Arizona and Virginia.  We look for:

  • Good cash flow.
  • A solid market position.
  • Strong potential for performance optimization and earnings growth.

We provide tailored solutions to dealerships challenged by succession planning, industry transformation, and capital constraints.  

AACAP’s Proven Track Record

AACAP’s team optimizes dealerships and grows their earnings over the long term.  We closely align our efforts with manufacturers’ KPIs and innovate relentlessly to provide an exceptional customer experience.  We assemble and manage dealership portfolios, and build and manage corporate operating platforms.

Operations & Technology

  • Optimize leadership and train and incentivize team
  • Drive omnichannel sales
  • Evaluate and improve performance
  • Optimize systems for data management and analytics
  • Capture economies of scale

Acquisition & Financing

  • Assemble dealership portfolio
  • Raise equity and debt capital
  • Integrate corporate group financial and risk management

Social Impact

  • Provide more skilled jobs
  • Create AACAP Academy for job training and career development
  • Support local business and civic activities
  • Focus on EVs to assure long-term viability of dealerships and their communities

AACAP Advantages

AACAP is a robust operating platform that has been built out to scale rapidly as we acquire dealerships at an accelerating pace.  Our team brings together the capability to optimize dealership performance and grow earnings as well as the capability to manage and optimize a corporate group of dealership portfolios.  We take advantage of transformative changes to achieve a winning competitive position and deliver superior returns to investors over the long term.

Find out more.

AACAP welcomes the opportunity to tell you more about us and to get to know you and your dealership.